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Ultimate Rejuvenating Range

Hydrate · Revitalize · Radiance
Daily Essential Routine to Revitalize Your Skin
Ultimate serum
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Ultimate Rejuvenating Essential Serum

+ Product Details

This superb lightweight and fast-penetrating serum delivers the vital nutrients where your skin needs them the most! It helps to boost your skin’s hydration level, even your skin tone and improve fine lines. With Bouvelir Ultimate Rejuvenating Serum, it assists to improve skin radiance and luminosity. Ideal for all skin types.

+ Application

Gently apply serum and smooth evenly over face and neck. Follow with Bouvelir Ultimate Rejuvenating Essential Soft Cream for best result.

Ultimate cream
Ultimate Cream_edited.png
Ultimate Rejuvenating Essential Soft Cream

+ Product Details

Awaken soft, dewy and supple skin with this ultra-soft cream formulated to help strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier and smooth skin’s texture to improve the clarity of the skin. Your skin looks naturally vibrant, restored to its healthiest rejuvenated completion. Ideal for all skin types.

+ Application

Gently press and massage cream onto cleansed skin at least twice daily or as needed. Apply after Bouvelir Ultimate Rejuvenating Essential Serum for best result.

Ultimate Range.002.png

Ultimate Essential Duo Benefits

  • Helps revitalize the appearance of the skin with hydrating and nourishing nutrients

  • Helps strengthen skin's resilience from within for plump, supple skin with reduced fine lines

  • Smooths your skin with a glow that evolves over time

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